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"Maddie Caballo is a beautiful soul with a message of hope that needs to be shared!  When you listen to Maddie speak she creates a feeling of connection between herself and the audience. I was inspired by how clearly and open she was about her healing journey. Maddie's ability to empower other professionals and trauma survivors with hope that they too can find the healing they are looking for is amazing!" 

Michelle Holling-Brooks

Founder & President of Unbridled Change 


"Maddie's communication style is organic and from the heart. It draws me in. She is a “natural” at attuning to and connecting with her audience. I like how candid and cavalier she can be when it serves the point at hand. Her style is the epitome of “gentle strength” inspiring others to never give up on themselves no matter what."

Bryon Sabatino

Licensed Professional Counselor


" I feel very fortunate to have experienced a workshop led by Maddie at the International Equine Summit this year.  In this very unique way, Maddie has the ability to reach both the professional and the "client" within the professional, stirring critical self-reflection and deep empathy in her audience members. She was very engaging, knowledgeable and humble in her approach. I learned a great deal that day, and many seeds were planted". 

Pamela Zamel

Licensed Psychologist and Educator


"Maddie is a compelling speaker, telling her story in an authentic and deeply emotional narrative which helps the audience know directly how the experience of torture effects a child.   She is wise and compassionate and fierce at the same time, daring to speak truth to power."

Nancy Coyne, MD

Sonoita, AZ

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