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Harvest Full Moon = Satanic Ritual

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, news feeds, and many other media sources are filled with viewpoints of what the Harvest Full Moon means. What is the full moon? A full-moon phase is as close as the moon can get to being fully lit up by the sun. It occurs when the moon is 180 degrees from the sun, when the moon, the sun, and Earth form a line, according to

The Hunter's Moon, which is the full moon following the Harvest Moon and the closest full moon to the fall equinox, is reportedly the best time for hunting deer and other animals, according to the Farmer's Almanac.

Those of a more holistic interpretation of the Full Moon believe that whatever has been heavy on your mind or weighing you down disappears leaving you more awake and aware of your surroundings - a new beginning for the next lunar cycle. There are many variations of beliefs and practices around the full moon cycles.

Groups who practice satanic rituals have very detailed plans they execute within a large group of people claiming a religious practice around an object, the moon. To this day, the moon is a trigger to me and all the parts of me who remember the horrific experiences that occurred under the light of the full moon. Naked, alone, objectified and "seen" within the bright light of the moon. My eyes just fixated on the light of the moon. The Harvest Full Moon marks the beginning of preparations for Halloween for groups who practice satanic beliefs. The next two weeks are filled with building terror too graphic to describe in detail in this post. The climax happens on Halloween night and left me abandoned and isolated for days. Yes, I am terrified of an object - the full moon.

Even today, it is a struggle to stay present as I see the moonlight in the sky outside my window as I sit here writing. I struggle within myself to remember that the memories that are coming up are not happening to me now and that what I remember happened a long time ago. I get so incredibly pissed off as the memories replay like a broken tape. I have tried many things to reframe this memory for a more "today" experience.

I have been saying words and not connecting the meaning for many years. There is a phrase that I have said a thousand times my daughters. "I love you to the moon and back again". I never realized that the very words that felt so loving and strong when shared with them involved the very object that I felt so much terror of. Recently, I realized that I can start reframing my fear of the moon when I see it with the love that my heart feels when I say these words to my daughters and now to myself.

I do not ask that you change anything about how you view the full moon or your own rituals that accompany this day each month that it appears if you happen to have them. I just hope that this information provides you with an awareness of why I may not share in your joy, "LIKE" your posts, or join you in gatherings around the theme of the full moon. I hope you are a bit more aware that there are thousands of others just like me who may struggle on this day. Please send hope and healing to all of us and most of all loving protection to those who are still experiencing the torture of being in a satanic cult.

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